TahiraROMA: vol. 5

Let me tell you a story…

August 2008 – Summer Olympics

  • Recent Graduate of University
  • Underwhelmed New Teacher’s Assistant in a Kindergarten classroom
  • New (347) number, anticipating my move to New York

I just wanted to run…

But still, I was met with a gut feeling I had felt many times before. This gut feeling has gotten me into some of the most bizarre “impossible situations.” My mentor would say, even in the impossible, God says I’M POSSIBLE… I’ve learned that time and time again by watching my life unfold in ways I could have never imagined… wow.

August of 2008, 
I expected to be moving to the concrete jungle.
I expected to seize the opportunity of my crazy dreams.
And I was met with a detour far from my expectations. 

A few weeks prior, I met a woman highly respected by my mentor. She knew nothing of me and I knew nothing of her. She heard I was moving to NYC and made a peculiar face of consternation. Later that evening, she asked me again, “where did you say you were moving?” Confident and courageous, I restated my manifesto… New York City. There was that look once again… she paused. Sure of her words, unsure of my response, she slowly said this: “I’m afraid, you’re not going to New York any time soon…” Quick to rebuke this blasphemy, I locked my heart down with a quickness! I knew my mentor respected this woman, and I should do the same but HOW DARE SHE QUESTION MY DREAMS!

Flippant, I ignored her words for a moment.
Furious, I watched her words come to life.

August 2008, my heart shifted toward a new land…
convicted, I filed for my passport, and
March of 2009, I was on my first flight to Asia.

March 2009 – March 2019

It’s been 10 years since that initial trip of faith…
and here I am again,
in a new land,
with a new rhythm,
and so grateful for the journey of life
that has brought me to this centered place.

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