TahiraROMA: vol. 4

Primo Mese in Italia

I am not sure when my vacationing ended and my residency began… but somewhere between my mother heading back to states, moving out of my hotel and into an apartment and settling into the time change with scheduled walks with the pup, somehow I live here now! In moments it feels like this has always been my home, and just that quickly I’m reminded I am still a bambino italiano when bombarded with all that I don’t know. This is surely a Nuovo Normale… filled with shifts and changes to my older self. It’s still crazy to think that I’ve been dropping everything and traveling to Asia the past decade, and now shifting continents, it’s like starting a race all over again. I am still learning strategy and customs, while reminding myself to accept grace! I am still new here. That newness is exciting… and yes nerve wrecking at times. I am so grateful for all the lovely people that have been surrounding me here. This will be a transition I will never forget. As I write this, I’m looking up at the beautiful artwork of lifelong friend, Casia Joy… Set Your Sail With a Posture of Readiness… she says:

To be ready is to be in a suitable state for an activity, action, or situation; to be fully prepared, easily available or within reach of a purpose…

Reflecting on this past month, it seems I have questioned that readiness at every turn. I have certainly learned to not get ahead of myself after many years of missions, but this is different. Did I fully prepare? Did I have all the answers to the many questions flooding my mind gate? Whew?! Is it even possible to be that prepared?! The questions can be deafening to be honest. When I look at this (genius) piece of art, I must remind myself that with the uncertainty of the sea, the setting of the sail is the positioning of readiness. The sail does not assure there won’t be turbulent waters, but rather anticipates the uncertainty of the winds and waves. It is in this still place that I find peace in this crazy bold decision I have made to make this move (literally) overseas. I couldn’t have predicted the pattern and frequency of the tide, I could only equip myself to be positioned in the grace and covering of the Divine.

She goes on to say…

Keep yourself within reach of the Spirit… Let him sway and move you. Were you to remain unmoved by the swells, you would surely sink. However to remain movable when pushed and pulled by the tides, you will find yourself traveling where you need to be. So set your sails with a posture of readiness, and you will be prepared for the wind to blow, the waves to swell, and the Spirit to guide you where you need to go.

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  1. CSunshine

    Lordt, I need this! I am ready to move.

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