TahiraROMA: vol. 3

oh how I love her. 

If you are just getting to know me in the last 5 years, you may not have ever known that Benita and I are living in a NEW wine kinda relationship… This love is still honeymoon status! lol… 

For context, I was brought back to my earlier years while in a group chat with friends. Both of these friends are parents and were sharing encouragement and wisdom on how to deal with the attitudes from their children… I couldn’t help but laugh, cringing at how bad I remember I used to be!

“I just have to go off somewhere
and remember that

she’s not doing this TO me,
these are her hormones

taking control of her body…
I love her… lol”   

 – one mother friend consoling another mother friend!

As my mentor would say…
Thank GOD for JESUS!
(because I was surely a mess!)

But for reals though… I am so grateful for the restored relationship we have grown into in our adult years. It is truly an answer to both of our heart’s desires. Healing and wholeness is the path we were both on, when we were finally ready to build the bridge back to one another. And for those who knew us way back when, you know that MIRACLES really do come true! (cue music from Prince of Egypt…) As I mentioned on my social media, I couldn’t imagine transitioning into this new season with anyone but this woman by my side. I also couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate her new decade! We had SO much fun and it is really bittersweet to see her go. But I’m just beyond blessed to have shared these first 10 days with her! 

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  1. Natasha

    Oh my miracle is right!!!! It’s sooo beautiful!!!

  2. CSunshine

    Resurrection POWER at work!!!

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