Vision 2019

Vision 2019

I always find it to be a refreshing reset… vision season paired with my birthday season. It lends to reflection of all that the year has produced. It tightens the lens for where we are going next. It quickens my equilibrium to find the rhythm of next stride, and awakens my heart to push deeper. 2015 – I was still living in isolation when I found VIVE. When I first heard of vision gala, I didn’t understand why people would want to include me in their vision. I observed from a distance, distinctively deciding not to insert myself prematurely. My greatest regret of that season, was not recognizing that I was in fact chosen to carry a vision that had my name written on it. I am meant to be in this community. I am meant to till the soil and prepare it for harvest. That first vision season I was skeptical, but every season after that I have been expectant. This year is no different. 2016 – Second Vision Season, First Vision Gala. I remember the knots in my chest, praying for the town, that I did not yet know would be our new home. OAKLAND said, “We Out Here” 2017 – I strongly felt an overseas move was near in my future. My heart was troubled, not wanting to leave my home at VIVE. Days before Gala, I said to trusted friends “if not China, then it’s Italy…” How could I have known that God was giving me a heart for this land? 2018 – Watching all that had already occurred, I couldn’t begin to cap my imagination for what was in store… NO ONE thought 5 in 1!!! Some said it couldn’t be done. But we know that’s not the end of the story! 2019 – I know we all are waiting with expectancy for the 2020 vision reveal. When your experiences with God make no sense to others, the only evidence you can base this on, are from the experiences themselves. Vision season is full of evidence of the active hand of God. The sky is the limit? Nope. There are NO limitations in Jesus. “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than ALL that we ask or think, according to the power at work within US…” Eph 3:20 #vivevisiongala2019 #tahirathoughts #watchthisspace #catchthevision #ephesians320 #handofgod

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