__ When I tell you that I have felt like a woman with no home my entire life, I’ve got witnesses and receipts to prove it. Yes, I’ve been fortunate to have a roof over my head, but even as a young girl questioned if it was the right one. . Yes, I’ve been supernaturally provided for, when all I saw was lack, but still questioned if I was eating another man’s plate. . Yes, I’ve been traveling this world, adventuring through city and village, but questioned if I’d ever be able to sustain this living beyond wandering from place to place. __ I’m not mad. __ But sometimes I wonder… Why don’t I look or feel like the wonderful and beautiful people I love so much? . Why does my heart not settle in one place for very long, before it presses toward another precipice? . Why do I dream in languages and lands that don’t belong to me, and wake up to the same ceiling day after day? . Why am I not “where I’m supposed to be?” Where am I supposed to be? __ home. __ She said, a N O M A D doesn’t find HOME in a location, a N O M A D finds HOME in a P E O P L E. __ //perspective shift// __ Yes, I am a N O M A D Yes, I do B E L O N G Yes, I see with V I S I O N Yes, I will B E C O M E __ … all that I was created to be.

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