A s k. S e e k. K n o c k.

There are infinite resources

You have everything you need

To be exactly who you’re meant to be

A S K.

S E E K.

K N O C K.




Everything that is needed for you to be your full self is present within you

When you realize that you have it all

When you realize that you have All that you need

Nothing will stop you from being exactly who you’re meant to be

Let your resources

Speak to the mountain

I don’t need to break down

[this mountain]

🧱 brick by brick 🧱

In order to get through to the other side

I can simply

🌬 S P E A K to it

and it will be moved

[speak to your obstacles: be gone]

How much more can I achieve?

How much more can you achieve?

// What seems like the impossible //

If you just shift your perspective

and b e l i e v e

It’s already done ✅

I am discovering in //chronos//

what was already

destined in my //kairos//


This [______] is not new in

the spectrum of my identity

💡 🚶🏾‍♀️

I am just walking in it


to walk in your destiny


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