TahiraROMA: the series

unintentional selfie. Rome edition

So if you don’t follow me on Instagram, and you haven’t requested the inside scoop via email subscription, you have NO idea what my journey here in Rome has looked like! #sorrynotsorry I guess? As an older millennial (you have no idea how hard it is for me to say that smh) I am from the camp of not posting my location… while I’m IN the location!

[*insert Netflix original YOU for stalker reference…*]

Berlanti, G. Gamble, S. (2018) YOU [T.V. Series], NYC: Netflix (Original Network: Lifetime)

[…*or maybe for my “older millies,” Swimfan!*]

Polson, J. (Director), (2002) Swimfan [Motion Picture] United States: 20th Century Fox

All that aside, my time here in Rome has been incredible. Even with the burst of posts that will be released from the archive over the next few days, I still have yet to fully pen the unique and transformative list of experiences that have contributed to my transition into this new season.

Photo credit: S. Magdalen 2019

So stay tuned… for the whirlwind review of my time in Rome thus far. I’ll be updating with more as we continue…

-Imani Tahira

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