Lesson Application: Renewed Strength


I bet you’ve enjoyed exercising your waiting muscle! 😂

Did you miss me?! Well let me give you the part II of this waiting game. As I was writing that last post, I was in the process of confirming it was time to move. When I began writing, I did not know. It was in the process of writing, and conversing with friends and the Big Guy, that I came to a clear understanding that it was time. I was going to Guangzhou. A good friend of mine had a vision I would be traveling with someone. Well, the night before, I had met a guy from Switzerland… Maybe him? I met two gals from England traveling same day to Guangzhou… Maybe them? My friend said that I would know immediately, by the Spirit, that she was the one… So I left by faith and waited for the one. I traveled with my bags, through epic heat and standing room only metros, before I finally got to the airport. Remembering my last experience at this airport, I wanted to take my time to breathe at each turn. No need to panic… I’m purposed to be here. I found my gate and decided to get some food before my late flight. I was set to board in 5 minutes. I gathered my things and headed down to the gate. No seats in sight, I took the opportunity to sit on the floor and stretch a bit. As I sat and twisted out the kinks in my back, a girl turned around and offered me the chair next to her, in perfect English! I let her know it was ok and thanked her for offering. It’s now 2 minutes before boarding and I heard an announcement in Mandarin. She said, “Oh no!” And I then understood she understands the language. I asked her what was going on. She let me know they were changing our gate. Immediately we gathered our things and we all raced down and around to this new gate. She then tells me she had been waiting in the airport for 9 hours after arriving from Vancouver. I could hear distress in her voice. Turns out her father is sick and she had to find the fastest and most inexpensive way to get to Guangzhou to see him.

— Let’s back track —

Remember this?

“…sometimes I have people wait, not because of them but because the host and people waiting to receive my messenger is not ready yet and need time to get prepared…”

She was the one…

This woman was on her way to Vegas in three days when she got the call from her brother to come home. She was still at work unaware of the divine intervention set to occur. When I met her, she was dying to talk to someone. She needed a companion to accompany her in this very scary time. She said seeing my face, she breathed a sigh of relief, finally someone she could talk to. And at that time, little did she know how heaven came close to comfort her.
Our flight was delayed another 90+ minutes; time provided to share life stories. You would have thought we had known each other for years, we laughed together like old friends. We both were the needed friend for one another and trust was shared instantaneously. I could trust that God brought us together for a reason greater than human reasoning… So I settled that I was safe in His hands. So when she asked if I wanted to travel with her to her hometown, without hesitation, I said yes.

This was what I had been waiting for. And each detail along the way was needed to further confirm that my path was sure. I didn’t have to question Him… I saw His face in it all.
One days rest in Guangzhou before getting on a 4 hour bus to Yangshan. This was one more place to add to my “First African American Woman to travel here” list! The people were intrigued and innocently amazed at my difference. Nonetheless, they were some of the most hospitable people I have met here in China. I had planned to stay for one night and pray for her father. It felt like I had been there a week! I saw so much and was so in awe of God’s divine hand. All I kept hearing and feeling was that Light came to this place and now radiated the streets. Just as Light came to the streets and village of Yangshan, Light came to the house of my friend and her family. Her father was willing to receive the prayer for healing. And in that moment, my friend had a turning point moment and received salvation that day.

Matthew 4:16
the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light,and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.

Lesson Application: Renewed Strength

And it all started with my struggle to wait…

Sometimes it is too easy to be consumed by our current situations. It is too easy to become stagnant in a process that is intended to keep moving. Waiting does not mean stop. It is a vital part of every growth process. If you were to uproot your newly planted seed just because it didn’t yield fruit right away, naturally we would say you are crazy. But how often do we do this in our everyday lives? Stupid American alert: look at our crash diet craze; how many crash dieters actually look amazing for their entire lives? Just like wisdom, it takes time to cultivate a lifestyle of health, love, etc. Even human conception takes 40 weeks to birth and a lifetime to develop. Nothing of value is produced overnight.

As far as this walk goes, I’ve learned that if I’m waiting for the day to “feel adequate” I will die before I fully embrace His purposes for my life. My responsibility is to yield to His call, and accept His purposes. Move when He says move, and wait when He says wait. For too long, I have uprooted my own field out of fear of failure and disappointment. I’ve expected overnight results on lifelong weeds rather than invested my time and efforts on uprooting those bad seeds. If I had jumped to Guangzhou quickly “just because I knew I had to go there” I may not have had the eyes to see what He had purposed to show me. That is the beauty of waiting expectantly; knowing in my knower that He has a plan I just don’t know what it is yet… Sometimes that is all the assurance I will have. The action of patiently waiting says, I’m ok with that.

This lesson on waiting on The Lord, surely renewed my strength. I will no longer simply know this but I now understand it with a different level of fervency.

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