And the down pour has begun…

Many of you may not have heard of my “how can you not believe” story…
How the heavens declared the majestic wonder of its Creator…
Well similarly, my love for a great thunder and lightening storm, ignites my senses into a fervent praise. In awe of the vast power of God, I am entranced at the sight. Yesterday, I woke up unsure as to where I was headed, but I could sense there was a shift in the air. After prayer and confirmation, it was time to move… And then the heavens opened! One of the craziest storms I had ever witnessed… Yes Nana, I stood on the balcony with my arms outstretched…
This entire trip is, and has been, a walk of faith; trusting in the faithful sovereignty of my Comforter and Friend. If I could stand firm on one attribute of God, it would be His faithfulness. He doesn’t just have faithfulness, FAITHFUL, HE IS, and He speaks to us in our own languages. So when I see this insane, crack the sky, thunderstorm (#2) right out of prayer, sure I hear my Grandmother, “get outta the window and don’t use that phone!” But I undoubtably gasp at the glory of The Lord raining down on me! Call me a storm chaser, star gazer or tree huger, I call myself in love with my Creator! And He speaks to me in very intimate ways…

“How could I describe a God that’s indescribable? How could I explain a love that’s unexplainable? I’m at a loss for words…” – William McDowell

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